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Frequently Asked Questions

Are these tips just for the photography business or business in general?
If I had to put the Road to Full-Time in a specific category, 90% of the tips and tricks will be geared towards photography. This is simply because that is the business I am in and I am trying to grow. This doesn’t mean that if you are in a different business, you can’t learning anything from this journey. Sometimes to succeed in your business, you need to take tips from a completely different one and see how they work. Keep an open mind!

Can I be on your podcast as a guest?
This is such a great question because that means that you enjoy the show enough to want to be a part of it! I love talking to new and different people about business so they quick answer is maybe. Please feel free to email me and let me know what topics you would like to discuss and we can certainly talk about it.

Can you coach me in my photography business?
I would love to help anyone and everyone with their business. I personally love talking anything and everything┬ábusiness related and we can exchange some emails back and forth, however, I simply don’t have the time to personally help everyone, even if I would love to. I hope my blog content, podcasts, and videos will do the trick to help you be super successful!

Why don’t you have a Facebook page?
I actually do have a Facebook page but it is a closed group for Road to Full-Time Members only. I don’t have a “regular” page as it is too much to control so I will be sticking with the closed group. All of that being said, I would LOVE for you to join! Click here to request access to the Members Group and I will personally add you!

What type of gear do you shoot with?
I get this question a ton! To make it simple for everyone, I have made a page that I update every time I get a new piece of gear. If you want to check it out, click here.