When it comes to branding, a lot of photographers ten to shy away from paying it the attention it really needs. Most think that if they have great work, then the work and the work alone will do all the talking for their business. While this is very true, branding can also make or break how successful your business is. Here are just a few tips for reasons why you should pay more attention to the branding of your website.

People See Your Brand, Not You

These days, most people see your online materials before they even meet you or even contact you. That is just the way businesses, large and small, run in the age of the internet. This is one of the reasons why branding is vital to business. You want those who find you on the internet to see you in your branding. Basically, portray your business as you want to be portrayed. One small example of this is the relationship between your pricing and the way your website is designed. Let’s say you are a wedding photographer and you want to charge $3,000 to shoot basic weddings (I know this may be an extreme example but hear me out). If you have a website and other online graphics designed like it was made with a free website builder that has glittery rings and cheesy music playing in the background, you are not portraying your self correctly. If someone is okay with hiring you for a $3,000 wedding (which you would typically be considered a high-end wedding photographer), your website doesn’t show that. Instead, you come off as someone who “doesn’t care” about how they look online or someone who is “cheap”. Your clients see all of this without even meeting you and will typically look for another photographer.

It’s Important But So Is Your Work

So far in this article, I have been trying to tell you how important it is to brand everything that you are associated with both online and in print materials but now I will sort of go against that. The reason I am talking about this is that there are a lot of photographers who think that the work is the online thing that is important and the design isn’t so they don’t concentrate on it enough. Then you have another photosphere, that concentrates too much on the design and branding that they did worry about the actual work examples that are on your site. They are too worried about how something as small as a button looks on their website and will spend more time working on that instead of uploading new portfolio images or writing a blog. You really need to find a balance between keeping up with your branding and your overall look online while also making sure you update your website with work that really matters.

It Makes You UnforgettableĀ 

This is a simple thing when it comes to branding but again a really important thing. You really want to make sure that when people see your website or any other materials, they are instantly memorable. This is typically handled because of the style of your photos but everything else is equally important. Even as something as simple as the background or typeface you use on your website, making sure you incorporate that into other materials is so important. In the theme of keeping it unforgettable, you want it to stand out from other photographers in your area. You can certainly do your research to see what your competitors are doing but make your style, your website, and your other marketing materials as memorable as possible.



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