This episode is all about the importance of having an active blog on your photography portfolio. A blog is something that a lot of photographers don’t pay attention to when updating their website. It usually involves adding more photos to their gallery or updating pricing information but a blog can really be one of the most important pages or series of pages you can add.

A blog and blog content isn’t super difficult to add either. Most think it is going to be really time-consuming and will take away from other important business aspects but it can be as simple as creating a short paragraph about a recent job and adding a few photos. I mean, you are already adding photos to your portfolio so adding them to a blog post won’t won’t take that much time. What about Facebook? Can’t I just add my images there and talk about a recent job on social media? The answer is yes and no. ¬†Yes, you can still share your recent jobs on your business Facebook account but instead of adding it to Facebook directly, create a blog post on your website first then link the Facebook post to your website. The reason is simple. First, you want people to come back to your website (duh). The second is that Facebook content isn’t directly searchable by Google. This means that if someone happens to look for a photographer in their area, you have one less “road” coming into your website. In this podcast we talk about “roads” and I tell you exactly what I mean by that. Check it out!

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